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H 13.0in x W 65.0in x D 39.4in.
Fiber Cement, Stainless Steel
298 lbs (without burner)
Outdoor and indoor

XL500 Burner
Capacity: 1.3 Gal/5L
Burn Hours:10 - 12 hours
Thermal Output: 11,430 BTU/hr
Ventilation*: 2,825 cubic feet
XL700 Burner
Capacity: 1.8 Gal/7L
Burn Hours: 9 - 11 hours
Thermal Output: 13,650 BTU/hr
Ventilation*: 3,178 cubic feet
XL900 Burner
Capacity: 2.4 Gal/9L
Burn Hours: 10-12 hours
Thermal Output: 15,000 BTU/hr
Ventilation* 3,884 cubic feet
* If used indoors, room cannot be less than specified size.


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The Flo’s streamlined aesthetic and neutral color palette makes it an ideal addition to any pre-existing design scheme. Its central sloping channel leads to a clean-burning ethanol burner that delivers warmth without the hassle of a utility hookup or the annoyance of smoke. The versatile Flo allows you to choose from three different burners of varying lengths and features a weather-resistant, highly durable fiber cement frame with drainage openings to minimize water collection. At five feet in length Flo provides enough room for everyone to set down a drink or kick up their feet.

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