EcoSmart Fireplaces

With EcoSmart Fireplaces, the possibilities are endless.

Because bioethanol is clean burning, EcoSmart Fireplaces do not need a chimney or a flue - and because our fireplaces house the liquid bioethanol in a purpose built tank, there are no restrictive cables or gas connections. This means that EcoSmart fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere.

Clean Burning. EcoSmart Fire Burners are fuelled by clean burning bioethanol, a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products - no smoke, no mess, no fuss. Some fuels are better than others, be sure to contact your local distributor to source the best fuel available in your area. Where available we recommend e-nrg.
Easy to maintain. EcoSmart Burners can be washed in hot water (or even put in your dishwasher), removing dust, carbon residue and denaturing agents found in the fuel – that's what sets EcoSmart Burners apart from the rest. With EcoSmart Burners, cleaning is quick and easy, they burn cleaner, and they'll last you a lifetime!
Superior Performance. Did you know that just one of our smallest burners generates as much heat as operating 2.5 electric heaters? When you burn bioethanol, the heat is circulated by a super convection system. Our burners are designed to be efficient without compromising their appearance.

Browse the EcoSmart product line from the categories below, watch the EcoSmart videos to see how simple and versatile EcoSmart Fireplaces really are, and explore design ideas in the product Look Book.